Gorilla Trekking is one of the main safari activities done in Uganda and for real it is one in a life time experience. Tourists mainly travel from different parts of the globe just to experience this lifetime wonder!

Gorilla trekking in Uganda can’t be done without having legal acceptance of viewing these endangered species, the Gorilla trekking permit is a document though summarized as an electronic card as part of Digital technology which allows a tourist to trek these gentle giants in Mghahinga and Bwindi impenetrable forests to make it easier for one to purchase it through an agent or local tour operators.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda can be done in two different destinations that are Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park and Mghahinga Gorilla National Park all in south western Uganda.

There currently 160 gorilla trekking permits in Uganda per day by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Bwindi only offers 152 gorilla permits per day which allows tourists to visit 19 habituated Gorilla families of over sectors of this park, while in Mghahinga there only 8 Gorilla trekking permits per day visiting one habituated Gorilla family. So as a result of high demand in Gorilla trekking, tourists are advised to book and pay in advance so that they can guarantee themselves for this once in a lifetime experience!

The current Gorilla trekking permit price in Uganda is $700 each. The Uganda Wildlife Authority sat and decides to increase by adding on $100 after many years of selling it @$600. The Uganda Tour Operators Association also supported the idea and all promised to work combined with (UWA) it all started on 1st/July/2020. Apart from the increase of the Gorilla permits, they are still affordable in terms of low costs compared to those of the neighboring country Rwanda which is at $1500 each.


The main reason as to why Gorilla permits rise from $600-$700 in Uganda is that, to conserve these beautiful endangered species. Funds which are collected from sales of these trekking permits helps in various projects of the wild e.g accommodations of park rangers, health maintenance of the gorillas, tourism police and many more. Remember Mountain Gorillas were on the verge of getting extinct, in addition to that our thanks goes to conservation authorities who fought hard to conserve these beautiful creatures.


The main benefits we expect from this increment is none other than getting enough funds to support the conservation of the Gorillas through projects the local community people near their protected area. Secondly we also expect to receive more travelers because the price is still more less than those of Rwanda’s $1500.


Some of the essentials for Gorilla trekking are not difficult mainly one needs to have these below:

Rain Jackets

Hiking boots

Cameras and batteries


Drinking water and packed food

Those are some of the needful for enjoying this adventurous moment of trekking Mountain Gorillas.


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