You are considering taking a trip to Uganda the pearl of Africa. But you are looking for someone who can arrange a customized itinerary with an opportunity to view as much wildlife as possible.

Yes, you need a genuine tour operator who can assist you. How can you do it.

Briefly, let’s ponder on the days of Christopher Columbus.

What does Christopher Columbus have to do with planning your future trip to Uganda?

Well, imagine you are a sailor hundreds of years ago. And like Christopher Columbus, you wanted to travel to a new destination you have never been to. Let’s say from Europe to Africa.

How would you travel there?

You can’t draw a map of the sea. It all looks the same.


You can’t rely on GPS, only the compass was around.


And you can’t really see where you’re going, because the trip would take months.


So, back in those days, the only real way you could get anywhere safely, and on time, was by being able to navigate with the stars…


You’d wait for the stars to come out, and then you’d look for the North Star (Polaris).


And that’s what humans did for centuries…


If you wanted to travel a long distance, you’d need to read the stars and use the North Star as your guide.


But those that didn’t know how to read the stars – often got themselves and their crew lost. Or worse – they got shipwrecked.


And it’s the same today.


If you want to travel to a new destination…


If you want to go to African for the first time…


You need to use the North Star as your guide.


Learn to Use The North Star For your travel plans


Do you want to visit Uganda one day?


Do you want to see rare wildlife such as mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, chimpanzees, lions, leopards/


Whatever it is that you want to do – you’ll need your North Star to get there.


And when it comes to planning an African safari, I believe the best ‘North Star’ you can have: is to deal with a genuine tour operator, tour guide, tour consultant or recommendation from a friend.

There are so many travelers who have visited Uganda, so you can always find helpful reviews on TripAdvisor.

You just want to see gorillas, but have no idea of other things to do. It’s the tour operator/ consultant who will put together a compelling itinerary that is also priced competitively. You will be glad to have followed their advice regarding the lodges and things to do. It will be a memorable trip. It would still be a good safari even without the gorillas, but of course the gorillas are always the icing on the cake.


Taking the above into consideration will get you ready for a trip to Uganda.


Here are simple steps to prepare for your trip to Uganda


Make your travel reservations/ bookings ahead of time

Booking your activities and accommodation can easily be done online with a tour operator. If you want to visit Uganda for gorilla tracking or any other activity, try to book your trip in advance. Let’s say you are looking for a customized itinerary. And would love to try out different things such as hiking, wildlife viewing, rafting, chimp trekking, boat trip to see hippos and crocodiles. These are different things that need to be put together. Therefore, contact a genuine tour operator for ideas to help plan your next vacation at least 3-5 months or even a year in advance. It’s possible to book gorilla permits, accommodation for that period and know how much does it cost.

Visas for Uganda travelers

Apply for a visa to Uganda and there are 3 ways to do so. You can fill and submit an application online at Ugandan immigration website, go to the country’s embassies and high commissions abroad or get it on arrival at Entebbe airport or other entry points.


For any trip to Uganda, an International certificate of yellow fever vaccination is required. This document verifies that you have

Take a pocket Wi-Fi device with you

A Wi-Fi device is an essential item because in Uganda free Wi-Fi is limited. Although there are tour guides who offer free Wi-Fi to their clients, there are times you will need your own. Especially if you are self-driving, it can be difficult navigating routes and finding specific locations. Google maps can be helpful and saves time.

Read travel guide books, blogs for inspiration

There several Uganda travel experts on the internet for instance the Ugandan tourist, Uganda uncovered, Diary of Muzungu. I encourage you to always read more on Uganda forum on TripAdvisor to look at opinions of people who have travelled to Uganda before.


Top attractions


Weather, seasons and when to visit

Uganda lies across the equator with warm tropical climate and can be visited any time of the year. However, the country experiences two seasons, the dry and the wet season.  The dry season occurs between December to February and June to September. This is the peak season and attracts many tourists. There’s less rains and so you will find it easier to do gorilla tracking and chimp trekking into forests.

What to pack

Take an extra bag

When and where to go, map and itineraries

Exchanging local currency in Uganda

Even though Uganda is still a cash-based society, exchanging money now days is easier due to much acceptance of international ATM cards and credit cards. Plan to exchange your cash at Entebbe airport when you arrive or in Kampala city where there are several forex bureaus such as at lugogo Shoprite mall and grand imperial hotel.  Exchanging cash at forex bureaus does not incur costs and you get better rates than in banks. Be sure to exchange enough cash to cover up your expenses.

Book recommendations

Bradt Travel Guides for Uganda

Lonely Planet – essential travel guide to Uganda

The culture smart series Uganda

Public transportation

If you want to use public transportation from one place to another, you can book tickets for buses online. Ugabus app can be helpful once you arrive in Uganda.