Mountain Elgon National Park is located in the Eastern part of Uganda along the border of Kenya. It is one of the oldest physical features of Uganda because of its stretch of a round 24 million years ago.

Mountain Elgon is habitant to two tribes, the BAGISU and the SABINY though they are marginal Ndorobos which forced to extend into the BENET forest. It was also once Africa’s highest mountain exceeding Mountain Kilimanjaro in Tanzania which is 5,895m currently, the cause of its deduction of height was from soil erosion which reduced its height to 4’321m, for now it is fourth placed in terms highest peaks in East Africa and 8th in Africa.

Mountain Elgon owns a record of having the largest volcanic base in the world stretching to around 4,000km². It’s also the largest volcanic mountain in East Africa with its vast form of 80km in diameter rises 3000 top of the surrounding plains.

The Bagisu tribe of people which also known as the BaMasaba considered the Elgon to be the settlement foundation of their father Masaba and named the mountain by this name.

The Flora and Fauna of the mountain’s cool heights offers the strime of the hot plains below refugee customs.

Mountain Elgon National Park is also home to over 300 bird species including the rare and endangered Lammergeyer bird.

The hike on the deserted moorlands of the Elgon Mountain provides a magnificent and amazing wilderness viewing, without the summit approach of orients which is common to many mountains. The final destination/goal is reaching on to the top of the MT.ELGON is not other than winning the 4321m of Wagagai peak. The higher slopes of the mountain are protected parks of Uganda and Kenya respectively.

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