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The fact that Uganda is increasingly becoming a popular travel destination, accessing a Ugandan visa is no longer a hustle like back then. The process gets simpler in the urge to attract more tourists to the pearl of Africa.
If you have been planning a Uganda safari anytime soon, having to visit the nearest Uganda embassy is not anymore. Everything has been electronised and made easier for everyone. The process can now be entirely accessed online, including the application form. It is very easy and one can easily get his Uganda Visa in just a day

With this electronic system, all people planning to get Uganda visas are saved the bureaucratic hassle that they could get at the Uganda embassies.
The entire process of acquiring the Uganda visa starts with filling in an application form. Though before this, there are specific requirements that one needs to meet according to the Uganda visa policy. But these are not a worry, they are simple things.

For anyone to acquire a Uganda visa, you need to have a valid passport, copy of your passport’s information page, a passport sized photo, vaccination certificate for yellow fever. These are required whether it’s an ordinary tourist visa, transit or East African tourist Visa. And in addition to the transit visa, a letter that clearly states the transit reasons and the destination country should be attached. And on an East Africa visa, you attach the itinerary and the return flight ticket.

Having acquired all the requirements, now fill in the application form. It takes about 15 minutes to do complete this form. Note that the Uganda visa is not free, and the price depends on the category of the visa that you want and the desired time to stay in the pearl of Africa.
So after payments, now resend the application form, upload the needed documents and wait upon your visa that allows you to stay in Uganda for up to 90 days. Applying for an online visa is the best way to go, its affordable, not time consuming and hassle free.

Alternatively, you can also apply for a Uganda visa through the Ugandan embassy in your country. Though this is time consuming and very expensive. However, travelers can still get their visas at any entry points to the country.
Entebbe international airport being the sole airport that Uganda has, still travelers can acquire their visas here at only 50 USD. One can also their visas via Uganda’s other numerous boader points, including Katuna, Malaba, Busia, Nimule, Cyanika, etc. This is the most convenient way that most travelerschoose, probably because it’s relatively cheap, it has no extra fees and it saves one from the hassle of the bureaucratic process at the Uganda embassies.

However, even if there are these different alternatives of how to obtain a Uganda visa, applying for one online is the best option. It gives you the peace to reach a country with everything so much settled. Apply for you Uganda visa online now.

Created by: Shafiq Topkins