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Gorilla Trekking

Mountain gorilla trekking safaris is a prominent tourism activity that countries who host them prides in. Mountain gorillas can only be encountered in three Countries; Uganda, Democratic republic of Congo and Rwanda. Mountain gorillas live in virunga ranges and Bwindi impenetrable forest. All these countries give travelers a chance to meet the gorillas face to face by trekking the endangered Mountain gorillas.

Bwindi impenetrable forest hosts half of the population of mountain Gorillas in the world. This park has 16 gorilla families that are open to travelers for trekking. However if an hour is not enough, there is an option of gorilla habituation. It allows you to be with the gentle giant apes for 4 hours while enjoying their presence.

The other destination travelers can experience gorilla trekking in Uganda is mgahinga gorilla national park. This park is one of the virunga conservation area. It only has one gorilla family though it used to migrate in different countries but now it settled in Uganda. Uganda has two national parks where gorilla trekking safari is done.
Volcanoes national park lies in the north western province in Musanze town of Rwanda. It is believed that this park is one of the oldest in the entire African continent and hosts the endangered mountain gorillas of Rwanda and they are always open to travelers interested in carrying out gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda.

Gorilla trekking is the most exciting and unforgettable wildlife experience that is very rewarding. This activity involves hiking into the gorilla territory comprised of bamboo and so many other wildlife and beautiful scenery in addition to the sounds of birds and stunning golden monkeys.

The park’s slopes create a dramatic natural background which is very breathtaking. Meeting face to face with the endangered mountain gorilla is very exhilarating experience and also trekking gorillas in the humidity misty vegetation offers you an incredible experience that will remain forever memorable and bring you close to the reality of these great apes. Visiting these destinations offers you the opportunity to meet the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

Virunga national park is the last destination that protects mountain gorillas in the world. It is found in Democratic republic of Congo and it has 8 gorilla families. It is the oldest park and diverse national park on the African continent. Both of the 2 destinations (bwindi and virunga national park) that protect mountain gorillas are UNESCO world heritage sites.
Gorilla trekking offers a miraculous encounter with the great apes of the jungle. These gorilla destinations give you the best opportunities to look into the eyes of the huge silverback, a deserving reward that you get finally at the end of your trek.

An African safari allows travelers to meet mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. However the price for gorilla permits is different in each country. The gorilla permits in Rwanda are expensive compared to those of Uganda. Gorilla trekking can be experience all year around.
If tracking mountain gorillas is your dream, encounter gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, Rwanda and D.R Congo. And if you want a thrilling activity to experience, gorilla trekking is the best option for you to try.

Created by: Shafiq Topkins